Skinny Girl Diaries … Celebration not Deprivation!

After the holidays I’m back to where I started haha. I gained back the few pounds I lost. It’s also my birthday a couple of weeks after the holidays. So that doesn’t help. Had cake the entire week!! 🙂

After going through breast cancer treatment and only being 10 months post treatment I’m still recovering mentally and physically. My attitude has changed and I’m celebrating my life and being alive and healthy! There is no way I was turning down birthday cake!! Also had to indulge a little over Christmas and New Years!! I very much enjoyed all of it! 😄

Now January is at an end and I’m still unable to fit into a lot of my pants. No big deal, I still have some clothes that fit. And I will get into those other clothes soon enough. However, I do not believe in depriving myself to get there. EATING WELL and EXERCISE is the key. I also eat small portions throughout the day which helps my metabolism to keep going. This is what generally works for me and has always helped me to stay slim. Keeping up with that has been difficult because I keep getting sick every month and it always takes me 10-15 days to get better. That definitely affects my eating and I cannot exercise during that time at all. Hopefully February I will not get sick and can lose 5 pounds! I’d like to lose a total of 10 but I will lose 5 pounds first and then worry about the rest later.

When I feel like a treat I generally have a peanut butter smoothie. Almond milk, peanut butter, a little dark chocolate (80% cacao) and a spoon of honey. Yummmmmy!!
Since I don’t believe in depriving myself I will celebrate being 5 pounds lighter at the end of February!! Just for a day Lol.

LIFE is meant to be LIVED and dessert is meant to be eaten … Make it a healthy dessert and the not so healthy dessert, just have it infrequently.

Skinny Girl Diaries – The Holidays

I am stuck at 129lbs. The holidays are definitely not conducive to losing weight. In fact a lot of people seem to gain weight at this time. With all the Christmas/Holiday parties and lots of food & drink, and I don’t mean veggies and smoothies! Haha. It’s a wonder we don’t all gain 10 pounds at this festive time. BUT the focus is friends, family and enjoying ourselves with the people we love. Appreciating all that we have and giving or helping those less fortunate.

I’m putting my inner Skinny Girl on hold until the new year. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to gain weight, it just means that my focus will be being happy and healthy and maintaining my current weight instead of feeling crappy about not losing any weight. I’ve also been so busy and sick that I haven’t been able to exercise more than once a week. Yes SICK! The drug withdrawal side effects are terrible!!! I have nausea every other day which prevents me from going anywhere or doing much so of course I’m not going to be working out. Hopefully that will get better soon, I had no nausea yesterday or today so that was good! Woo Hoo!!!

Just so that we are clear being skinny is not the goal, being FIT and HEALTHY is. Skinny Girl just sounds better and it’s a term used loosely meaning FIT HEALTHY GIRL. At least that is how I see it. I’ve gained just enough weight to not be able to fit into a lot of my pants/skirts!! I have all these nice clothes that I cannot get into at the moment. It really sucks! I’m alternating between 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of skirts and the rest of the time since I’m off work, I’m in yoga pants, track pants etc. I really want to emphasize that being skinny is not what anyone’s goal should be. Yes we all want to be slim and sexy but we are all built differently and have different body sizes and shapes. I’m small boned so my healthy weight may be less than someone else’s. That does not mean that she needs to be the same weight as me. FIT and CURVY looks so much more attractive than skinny mini ski and bones. We should aim for a healthy BMI, along with a healthy weight and good amount of muscle with the right amount of body fat. Skin and bones is so not cute!! With that most women lose their breasts and/or butt. Speaking of derrières, butt implants seem to be pretty big right now … The booty that I hated as a tween seems to be to my benefit now. Funny how that works.

So to everyone, ENJOY the HOLIDAYS! Eat, drink and be healthy! Don’t go overboard but we all deserve to enjoy and give ourselves a treat. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel bad about yourself. Be grateful for all that you have and be kind to those around you. Be especially kind to yourself.

I’m going to have a little chocolate now 😄. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Skinny Girl Diaries … Week 2

I’ve lost a pound! Haha 1 pound doesn’t seem like much but it’s a start. I like food and with the holidays approaching it’s difficult to avoid those party appetizers and drinks. I am trying to keep it limited and since it’s now Dec 1st I have only 30 days to lose 4 more pounds. The goal is 10 pounds but I can only do this in baby steps so 5 pounds now and 5 pounds in the new year. It’s hard enough not to gain any weight over the holidays but I’m determined not to let that happen and to lose 1 pound a week.

Started by cutting down my Starbucks to 1/week and it’s the Skinny Peppermint Mocha. Ideally would be best to have NO STARBUCKS UNTIL GOAL WEIGHT IS ACHIEVED, however a girl’s gotta have a few happy indulgences and that’s one of mine!
Next I have to up my exercising. Really need to try to do 4 times a week. I will create a schedule and stick to it (or try to). It’s easier for me if I know when and what I have to do.
Last but not least my eating. So the food preparation hasn’t happened yet haha. Guess that was wishful thinking. Why is that so hard to do?! I am going to do it though even if it’s for a couple of days. Main thing is to prepare my vegetables and salads so that my snacks are healthier low calorie foods. This is not just to lose weight but to eat more plant based foods in order to stay healthy and Cancer free.

I calculated how many calories I’m supposed to eat in order to lose 1 pound per week. A great app for this is My Fitness Pal. It also calculates the calories for all your foods and any exercises you are doing. Keeping a food diary is also helping so I can see what I’m eating. This is a full time job!!

I’m now going to make my green smoothie. Spinach, mango, (non fat) yogurt , and wheatgrass! Tastes better than it sounds haha. Yummmm!