Rockin my bald head!

A little over a week ago I noticed more hair falling out. This was right after my bikini hair situation if you read that post. Thursday, Friday lots of hair started coming out. It was horrible so I decided Saturday I would shave my head. I had mentally prepared myself but was still a little nervous. My cousin who happened to be coming to see me from buffalo that day came to the salon along with my baby brother. My stylist is also a friend which made things a little easier.

Get to the salon and My stylist is resisting shaving my head. I guess it was difficult knowing the reason I was doing it. I then all of a sudden became really emotional, everyone hugged me and I was ok shortly after. So then he started shaving all of it off.

Right before tons of hair starting coming out
Right before tons of hair starting coming out
Already thinning out
Almost gone!,
Almost gone!
Me cousin and bro
Me cousin and bro. Love you both for coming.
Me and my fabulous stylist
Me and my fabulous stylist

Who needs a Brazilian (warning may be TMI)

We know that chemo causes hair loss. I assumed that meant on my head. Today in the shower half the hair in my bikini area came out!? WTF! Ok so it wasn’t that bad, less hair to wax, less pain! I decided to see if a hair on my leg would come out and yes it did!! So not all the hair is coming out but some is.

I will get bikini and legs waxed as usual but this time I am assuming it will not grow back. Yaaayyy!!!

The hair on my head is slowly falling out too but I have way more hair there and so it still isn’t noticeable. This really only started a few days ago. I have decided that I will shave my head, just not sure when …