Back to Work Already???

It’s now been 5 weeks since I had surgery and I am still sore when I wake up but definitely better than last week. I can drive without any pain and I can dress myself no problem, although trying to lift my arm straight up is uncomfortable. Funny how we take those basic things for granted. Still can’t buy too much when I am doing groceries as I am not supposed to lift anything too heavy. Fortunately it’s summer and I can go more frequently and just get the few things I need.

Work has been stressing me out. Work meaning my return to work. Because my doctor put that it’s a 3-4 week recovery they wanted me back to work Aug 1st, even though the date on the form was Aug 15th (which for some reason I thought was the timeline) but I thought wrong. My issue is that no one called me to tell me this until I called to find out about my pay! Why would they not inform me of this?! So now they’ve extended it a couple of days to Aug 3rd, which is the day I see my surgeon for a follow up. I’ve asked to return to work the following Monday with the option to work from home. Don’t want to carry my laptop back and forth that first week and also don’t want to have to wear a bra all day. It starts to hurt after awhile.

We will see what happens …