Sick of Being Sick

It’s been 3 months since all of the craziness happened. After that I had a couple of good weeks and then just before my birthday (mid January) I got sick. I felt crappy for over a week but finally got over it. Then I saw my 2 year old niece and of course caught her cold so was sick again. UGH. This time it didn’t last as long but just as I was feeling better I woke up one morning and the room was spinning! Vertigo!? Why did that happen?? It lasted a few minutes and then stopped but left me feeling nauseated. The nausea would not subside. What was this … do I have a brain tumour or is it just ear related and peripheral. Saw my Doctor and he concluded that it was peripheral and that it was Labyrinthitis – inflammation of a part of the inner ear. A type of ear infection that will generally resolve on it’s own, however until then I couldn’t drive. I live alone and am now near my parents in the burbs. I miss being in the city … where you can walk to most places and if not there’s always the subway. 

After a few days I thought finally things would be back to normal but no … I had dinner and within an hour I started feeling itchy. I ignored it but a few hours later it was worse. Hives?! What the hell is going on!! I’ve always eaten shrimp so this was bizarre. Anyhow, after 3 days of burning and itching all over my body (even with Benadryl), the hives finally subsided. I really should have gone to the ER according to my doctor, who also gave me an epi pen it case it happened again and was worse. I had few weeks of feeling ok and then got sick again (which was yesterday). Today I feel better after taking a sick day and sleeping a lot. Can I just have a month of not being sick, no pain, no appointments or medical tests??? Probably not. At least not right now. SIGH. That’s ok, I can live with that. After getting past the frustration and exhaustion of being sick or dealing with something, I’m thankful that there is no cancer recurrence. Everything else I can deal with. Today is exactly 2 years cancer free!!! So I really am just grateful for that. 












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