I’m a very open, honest person and sometimes I end up speaking freely and sharing too much. Then afterwards I regret it. There are those close friends that I can freely share things with but with most people it’s best not to. There are also those people that make comments that aren’t positive which leaves me feeling a bit irritated. I’m still sensitive at times and really need to remember to be careful about who and what I share. I guess it’s not natural for me to hold back too much so I have to make a conscious effort to do that. Of course I don’t share everything with everyone but I think sometimes I need to remember to keep certain things to myself. I’ve gotten better but still working on it.

I’ve also realized that most people are not as honest as I am and aren’t as open. That leaves me at a disadvantage because then they end up knowing far more about me than I know about them. Things are always best when balanced.

I just need to work on thinking more before speaking. My brain is still not what it was so thinking too much takes energy. Sounds so crazy to say that!! I have blonde moments and can’t remember things. A lot of the time I want to turn off and I can’t focus as well as before. Talking even takes energy and sometimes it’s not something I’m up for. Wow even mentally I feel like I’m 40 going on 80. Haha. It’s something that I laugh at rather than letting it frustrate me. 😉

I will try to be more discerning with what I tell people. They don’t need to know everything. Funny that I’m saying this as I write my blog lol. BUT the thing is when you’re writing you have the option to go back and change what you’ve written or delete it completely. Gives you a minute to think about it. Wish I could do that in my head. The key is to think before divulging anything too personal and to know who you can openly share with.

I’m exhausted and going to bed now. Yes I still have fatigue 11 months post treatment. However, I’ve been sleeping well which is a really great thing!!

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