Birthday Week!

I am 44!!! Happy to see another birthday and hope to see many more. It’s funny how your perspective changes after a life altering event (aka Breast cancer). I now appreciate things so much more. Oh. Y the way my birthday was 2 weeks ago but I’ve been sick. My colds now last for 2 weeks! What is that about?! Oh yeah I’m still recovering … Immune system down.

I had a great week but now I’m reevaluating the year, my life, what I want going forward. Guess it’s more a continuation of New Years which leads to my birthday. I don’t really make resolutions but I do think about what I want for myself and my life this coming year. I do have plans to travel … London, Paris, Amsterdam and Italy.

I’ve also made the decision to not depend on other people when I want to do things such as travel, movies etc. I don’t have a husband which sometimes makes it tough to have the automatic partner to do things with (in most cases). I’m often struggling with that. Went to the Sam Smith concert last week. LOVE HIM!! I was considering going alone because I could not find anyone to go with me. I love concerts and live music. Not everyone is like that. I wanted to go with someone who would enjoy it as much as me. That didn’t happen. A friend offered to go who wasn’t into him and it turned into this big issue. Which I wrote about in a previous post. Going alone would have been better for both of us and for our friendship.

Both my cousins and a close girlfriend said they would have loved to go! Of course none of them live here. All out of town which sucks for me. I miss them. They were all amazing through my treatment!

Now I’m going to buy Cirque du Soleil tickets for the show in September. Not sure yet who is coming with me but I’M GOING. Don’t want to miss out on doing the things I love just because I can’t find anyone to do those things with.

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