Don’t Do Me Any Favours

When someone is upset because they feel you are not appreciating something they are doing for you. Is that their issue or your wrong??

You want to go to an event and you could go alone but of course it would be better with company. You tell a friend where you’re thinking of going but don’t ask them to come because you know it’s not their thing. They volunteer and offer to go with you. You ask them if they’re sure … They say yes. So you think great and thank them.

This is my scenario. Now the friend says he feels like I’m not appreciating the favour he is doing for me! I never even asked this person to accompany me and they’re acting like I’m not grateful for something that I never asked for. I do appreciate him coming but if I knew this would be the result I would have said no it’s okay. He said he has put himself out financially for this event. I was not aware that was what he was doing. Yet somehow he has now made it seem as though I am being selfish and ungrateful. How did that happen? I’m not going to feel bad for accepting something he offered to do.

I just figured out what this is all about! He needed a favour the other day and I was a unable to do it. It was something I wasn’t able to do that particular day. Another day, I would have done it. He feels like he totally put himself out for me but I didn’t inconvenience myself for him.

My health has to come first and I was sick that day so I ended up having to go home at the end of my very long day and sleep. I’m actually a bit put off that he didn’t care that I was completely exhausted and wiped out along with being sick. Oh did I mention I had to get up early for something the next morning! I’m still recovering and my energy level is not back to normal. I still get tired easily, have fatigue and require more rest and sleep. Now it seems as though he was a bit inconsiderate and thinking only of himself.

Tomorrow is the event that we are going to. Hopefully I will enjoy myself as I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. It’s taking away some of my excitement. We will see how tomorrow goes. I am not going to let him ruin my night!

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