Cheers to New Friends

Those of you that know me, know that I don’t have that Sex and the City type of girlfriend circle. Don’t get me wrong I have some great girlfriends but I have also had a lot of girlfriend issues. This past year I made a couple of new girlfriends and tonight they took me out for an early birthday celebration. Dinner at Marinella on College St where the food was all fresh and fabulous!! Afterwards we went to College Street Bar where we hung out for a bit and heard some good music. DJ Spence Diamonds in the house!

The thing is these two women have not known me very long, especially D and it was her idea. I thought it was so thoughtful and nice of her. They each got me a card and a little gift which was so sweet. They are both amazing!! After a sour ending to my Dallas trip it was nice to be around these lovely women. I didn’t need anything big but it was weird that my cousins who I was with in Dallas until last week, did nothing for my birthday and these two women who I haven’t known very long, did. That speaks volumes. They all know the hell I went through this past year and a half. So I really appreciate anyone being kind and thoughtful and try to stay away from anyone bringing negativity into my life.

To my new friends and many more birthdays to come! 😊

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