Skinny Girl Diaries … Celebration not Deprivation!

After the holidays I’m back to where I started haha. I gained back the few pounds I lost. It’s also my birthday a couple of weeks after the holidays. So that doesn’t help. Had cake the entire week!! 🙂

After going through breast cancer treatment and only being 10 months post treatment I’m still recovering mentally and physically. My attitude has changed and I’m celebrating my life and being alive and healthy! There is no way I was turning down birthday cake!! Also had to indulge a little over Christmas and New Years!! I very much enjoyed all of it! 😄

Now January is at an end and I’m still unable to fit into a lot of my pants. No big deal, I still have some clothes that fit. And I will get into those other clothes soon enough. However, I do not believe in depriving myself to get there. EATING WELL and EXERCISE is the key. I also eat small portions throughout the day which helps my metabolism to keep going. This is what generally works for me and has always helped me to stay slim. Keeping up with that has been difficult because I keep getting sick every month and it always takes me 10-15 days to get better. That definitely affects my eating and I cannot exercise during that time at all. Hopefully February I will not get sick and can lose 5 pounds! I’d like to lose a total of 10 but I will lose 5 pounds first and then worry about the rest later.

When I feel like a treat I generally have a peanut butter smoothie. Almond milk, peanut butter, a little dark chocolate (80% cacao) and a spoon of honey. Yummmmmy!!
Since I don’t believe in depriving myself I will celebrate being 5 pounds lighter at the end of February!! Just for a day Lol.

LIFE is meant to be LIVED and dessert is meant to be eaten … Make it a healthy dessert and the not so healthy dessert, just have it infrequently.

Birthday Week!

I am 44!!! Happy to see another birthday and hope to see many more. It’s funny how your perspective changes after a life altering event (aka Breast cancer). I now appreciate things so much more. Oh. Y the way my birthday was 2 weeks ago but I’ve been sick. My colds now last for 2 weeks! What is that about?! Oh yeah I’m still recovering … Immune system down.

I had a great week but now I’m reevaluating the year, my life, what I want going forward. Guess it’s more a continuation of New Years which leads to my birthday. I don’t really make resolutions but I do think about what I want for myself and my life this coming year. I do have plans to travel … London, Paris, Amsterdam and Italy.

I’ve also made the decision to not depend on other people when I want to do things such as travel, movies etc. I don’t have a husband which sometimes makes it tough to have the automatic partner to do things with (in most cases). I’m often struggling with that. Went to the Sam Smith concert last week. LOVE HIM!! I was considering going alone because I could not find anyone to go with me. I love concerts and live music. Not everyone is like that. I wanted to go with someone who would enjoy it as much as me. That didn’t happen. A friend offered to go who wasn’t into him and it turned into this big issue. Which I wrote about in a previous post. Going alone would have been better for both of us and for our friendship.

Both my cousins and a close girlfriend said they would have loved to go! Of course none of them live here. All out of town which sucks for me. I miss them. They were all amazing through my treatment!

Now I’m going to buy Cirque du Soleil tickets for the show in September. Not sure yet who is coming with me but I’M GOING. Don’t want to miss out on doing the things I love just because I can’t find anyone to do those things with.

Sam Smith

On my way home from the Sam Smith concert. He was awesome!! Love him! He has an amazing voice! The friend obviously didn’t enjoy the concert as much as I did but all was cool.

I enjoyed every minute of it! I plan on continuing to do the things that give me that enjoyment. Life is short so do what you love and enjoy every moment!!!

Don’t Do Me Any Favours

When someone is upset because they feel you are not appreciating something they are doing for you. Is that their issue or your wrong??

You want to go to an event and you could go alone but of course it would be better with company. You tell a friend where you’re thinking of going but don’t ask them to come because you know it’s not their thing. They volunteer and offer to go with you. You ask them if they’re sure … They say yes. So you think great and thank them.

This is my scenario. Now the friend says he feels like I’m not appreciating the favour he is doing for me! I never even asked this person to accompany me and they’re acting like I’m not grateful for something that I never asked for. I do appreciate him coming but if I knew this would be the result I would have said no it’s okay. He said he has put himself out financially for this event. I was not aware that was what he was doing. Yet somehow he has now made it seem as though I am being selfish and ungrateful. How did that happen? I’m not going to feel bad for accepting something he offered to do.

I just figured out what this is all about! He needed a favour the other day and I was a unable to do it. It was something I wasn’t able to do that particular day. Another day, I would have done it. He feels like he totally put himself out for me but I didn’t inconvenience myself for him.

My health has to come first and I was sick that day so I ended up having to go home at the end of my very long day and sleep. I’m actually a bit put off that he didn’t care that I was completely exhausted and wiped out along with being sick. Oh did I mention I had to get up early for something the next morning! I’m still recovering and my energy level is not back to normal. I still get tired easily, have fatigue and require more rest and sleep. Now it seems as though he was a bit inconsiderate and thinking only of himself.

Tomorrow is the event that we are going to. Hopefully I will enjoy myself as I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. It’s taking away some of my excitement. We will see how tomorrow goes. I am not going to let him ruin my night!

Cheers to New Friends

Those of you that know me, know that I don’t have that Sex and the City type of girlfriend circle. Don’t get me wrong I have some great girlfriends but I have also had a lot of girlfriend issues. This past year I made a couple of new girlfriends and tonight they took me out for an early birthday celebration. Dinner at Marinella on College St where the food was all fresh and fabulous!! Afterwards we went to College Street Bar where we hung out for a bit and heard some good music. DJ Spence Diamonds in the house!

The thing is these two women have not known me very long, especially D and it was her idea. I thought it was so thoughtful and nice of her. They each got me a card and a little gift which was so sweet. They are both amazing!! After a sour ending to my Dallas trip it was nice to be around these lovely women. I didn’t need anything big but it was weird that my cousins who I was with in Dallas until last week, did nothing for my birthday and these two women who I haven’t known very long, did. That speaks volumes. They all know the hell I went through this past year and a half. So I really appreciate anyone being kind and thoughtful and try to stay away from anyone bringing negativity into my life.

To my new friends and many more birthdays to come! 😊