Is PLASTIC the New Beautiful?

Before I start, I just want to say that I have insomnia. A lovely withdrawal symptom of one of the drugs I was on. I’m weaning myself off of this drug and it’s been terrible! Insomnia and nausea are the withdrawal symptoms I’m experiencing, which is brutal while being sick with the stomach flu! Oh well, it will pass eventually so moving on …

Within the Hollywood community it seems to be the norm to have had some sort of plastic surgery. I saw an old picture of Halle Berry (who I love and was already beautiful) but couldn’t believe how different she looked. You could tell it was her because certain things were the same but it was the whole Michael Jackson (who I also love) let me shrink my nose deal. Then there is Kim Kardashian who was already very pretty but lately started looking a little weird to me, as if her nose got smaller and slightly thinner. What’s up with that?! Now I get that these women are in the limelight and a big part of their fame is their beauty but how is it that old Hollywood actresses looked stunning without all that plastic surgery? Have our ideas on beauty changed? Is PLASTIC the new Beautiful??

With today’s average woman (who can afford it), it seems to be commonplace to have had breast implants, nose jobs, eyelid lifts etc. This is very sad. We have become a society so obsessed with superficial beauty that women (and some men) will go to great lengths to attain that look which they and society deem to be beautiful. Yes there are some some women with bigger breasts, some with smaller noses and some with bigger butts, but whatever each of us has, I think we all have something. The issue is that what some of us have is great intelligence or talent, instead of physical beauty. So yes some are physically more attractive than others but there are also some that are more intelligent than others. Intelligence doesn’t seem to get the same attention that physical appearance does and in some realms almost devalued. Why is there so much focus on the superficial? Maybe it’s that there are ways to change things physically but not intellectually? Hmmm I don’t know about that. While some are smarter than others I think there are a lot of people who could further their mental/intellectual capacity if they focused their energy on education and learning (I don’t necessarily mean formal education) instead of what some celeb is wearing or doing. Especially the younger generation who is part of the new “instant everything” generation. The generation that texts more, talks on the phone less, has far less social face to face interaction and is exposed to so much more of everyone online, on tv, and in magazines looking perfect. What that must do to one’s self esteem. Thank god I was born in the early 70s! Dodged a bullet there.

When women who are already beautiful feel the need to have surgery to change their appearance, what does that do for the average woman. Having average sized breasts seems to be rare in certain communities. An average sized nose is probably considered big. Looking less than perfect is not being up to par. Good lord how is the average woman supposed to manage looking perfect all the time??? Oh and she’s still supposed to feel good about herself?! Now add Breast cancer on to that. You lose your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Then your breasts are either distorted or completely removed and you’re left with one or no breasts. Traumatizing!!! Believe me I know, I have one Breast at the moment. I somehow managed to come out still feeling pretty good about myself. It wasn’t easy, I have quite a few battle scars but I feel emotionally stronger each day and see myself slowly getting back to who I am. This I am so grateful for.

So this whole fake plastic phenomenon … is it the women feeding into this or the men driving it, a combination of both??? I really don’t know. I do know that there are those women who do feel good about themselves and are happy with who they are. They’re confident, self assured and don’t let society define who they should be or what they should look like. Those are the women we should aspire to be. Where BRILLIANCE or BRAINS or TALENT and INNER BEAUTY is the new Beautiful!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t appreciate someone’s beauty/physical appearance but our physical appearance should not become the priority in our lives. We should absolutely take care of ourselves and take pride in our appearance but not let it take over. So always LOOK YOUR BEST, DO YOUR BEST and BE THE BEST PERSON YOU.

Quote I read recently: “There is an industry making money out of making people feel inadequate.”

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