Skinny Girl Diaries … Flu Shortcut

It’s now been over 3 weeks since I’ve been more focused on trying to lose weight. It isn’t easy, there are so many obstacles right now. Since the 2 pounds my weight hasn’t changed. Which I’m not thrilled about but it’s fine. This past week has also not gone well because I have frozen shoulder as a result of the mastectomy. This comes with limited shoulder/arm movement and A LOT OF PAIN!! Because of this I’m now going to physiotherapy (physical therapy). At physio I do shoulder strengthening exercises and stretches that I also have to do at home. Then once I’ve done half an hour of that, the physiotherapist works on my shoulder by pushing it in directions where the range of motion is limited. He doesn’t push too far of course but nonetheless painful. All of this takes so much energy out of me! I was exhausted when I got home. Feeling exhausted means I do not want to prepare any food. Not preparing any food means that I may eat something which is not very healthy because it requires prep. My preparing meals in advance hasn’t happened yet. I’ve also had a lot going on this past week and will be busy for another week or so. And of course I now have the flu when I can least afford to be sick. Of course it’s the stomach flu so I can’t keep anything down. I’m sure once I’m over the flu I’ll have lost a couple of pounds. Feels like cheating but oh well.

I get sick so frequently now. WTF?! This is ridiculous! Is my immune system still compromised??? Just want to feel better already! Again chemo, the gift that keeps on giving.

On the flip side this is nothing compared to chemo! So I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day.

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