Skinny Girl Diaries … Week 2

I’ve lost a pound! Haha 1 pound doesn’t seem like much but it’s a start. I like food and with the holidays approaching it’s difficult to avoid those party appetizers and drinks. I am trying to keep it limited and since it’s now Dec 1st I have only 30 days to lose 4 more pounds. The goal is 10 pounds but I can only do this in baby steps so 5 pounds now and 5 pounds in the new year. It’s hard enough not to gain any weight over the holidays but I’m determined not to let that happen and to lose 1 pound a week.

Started by cutting down my Starbucks to 1/week and it’s the Skinny Peppermint Mocha. Ideally would be best to have NO STARBUCKS UNTIL GOAL WEIGHT IS ACHIEVED, however a girl’s gotta have a few happy indulgences and that’s one of mine!
Next I have to up my exercising. Really need to try to do 4 times a week. I will create a schedule and stick to it (or try to). It’s easier for me if I know when and what I have to do.
Last but not least my eating. So the food preparation hasn’t happened yet haha. Guess that was wishful thinking. Why is that so hard to do?! I am going to do it though even if it’s for a couple of days. Main thing is to prepare my vegetables and salads so that my snacks are healthier low calorie foods. This is not just to lose weight but to eat more plant based foods in order to stay healthy and Cancer free.

I calculated how many calories I’m supposed to eat in order to lose 1 pound per week. A great app for this is My Fitness Pal. It also calculates the calories for all your foods and any exercises you are doing. Keeping a food diary is also helping so I can see what I’m eating. This is a full time job!!

I’m now going to make my green smoothie. Spinach, mango, (non fat) yogurt , and wheatgrass! Tastes better than it sounds haha. Yummmm!

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