Finished chemo … 1 Year Ago!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last chemo cycle. November 27, 2013 will be forever etched in my brain along with my diagnosis date, surgery date and treatment end date. I read my post from this day last year … wasn’t as bad as I expected. Maybe I was just so happy that it was my last one and chemo was over! I wish I knew then that a year later I’d be OK. I guess I really wasn’t thinking that far ahead since I still had surgery and radiation to go through. And let’s not forget the fact that I still had the chemo nasty side effects coming. The day of treatment was never really that bad. I’d usually feel really sleepy and physically fatigued but it gets worse the next day and then continues. I do actually remember my last cycle and what happened after. It was horrible, horrible, horrible! Pain in my bones, complete exhaustion, blisters in my mouth, burning tongue … TAXOTERE is a nasty drug. I was injected with toxic chemicals for 18 weeks! It feels surreal at times but I got through it and I’m still here! I wish I knew that I’d still be here. I wish I knew that I’d feel better emotionally. I wish I knew that I’d be happy and enjoying my life even though I’d still be recovering. It’s funny how at that time all I was trying to do was get through the day and then get through the next day. Well I got through 365 days!

It’s still one day at a time and I kind of like it better that way. Helps me live in the moment! I’m happier and I think on my way to being healthier than before. So we will see what I’ll be saying this time next year. I think after all the bad there’s lots of good to come!

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