Skinny Jeans

Why is it that the jeans I’m wearing today were too big on me only a few months ago?! Now they fit and no this is not a good thing. These are my FAT jeans. I have somehow gained 10lbs. It’s my eating … and eating and eating! Although it’s usually healthy there have been a lot of birthdays and dinners with cakes and dessert that I just never thought to say no to. Well that has to change otherwise very soon even my fat jeans won’t fit me!!

Being out of commission for close to a year I was completely inactive but still eating (healthy most of the time) to keep up my strength. I gained a few pounds which was fine because prior to that I had gotten too skinny due to stress. When I’m stressed I don’t eat or sleep much. Stress weakens the immune system along with lack of sleep. Then the lack of nutrients doesn’t help. BAD BAD BAD. Initially after finishing treatment I was trying to get my strength and energy back. The fatigue and exhaustion continues even after treatment ends. I started exercising in July (4 months ago) and that was also when I went back to work part time. I started getting a little bigger before due to the lack of exercise/activity but now I’m actually 10lbs heavier. It’s not all fat, some of it is muscle but not all, because my clothes have gotten tighter and things just don’t fit well. We did do an assessment as part of my Rehab program and I haven’t gotten a lot bigger according to my measurements so that makes me feel a bit better.

My strength and energy have increased and I’ve made great progress with my exercises! However for some reason I just can’t seem to lose the 10 pounds I’ve gained. I think part of it is being at work, sitting all day and buying my food through the day. Let’s not forget the 250-300 calorie Starbucks coffee in the morning on the days I’m in the office.

Tomorrow is my last day at work so let’s see if by NYE I can get back into my SKINNY JEANS!

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