Time for Me, My Health, and I

Got a call from my health management consultant to inform me that my work stoppage has been approved! What a relief!! I’ll be at work one more week to wrap things up and then I’ll be off for a few months. So happy! I can focus on my recovery which means eating healthy (which I do most of the time) and also exercising 5 times a week which I haven’t been able to do. I’m also really excited to finally get my place fully unpacked and organized! Yaaayyyy! Of course I get paid less while off but what I get still isn’t bad. So thankful for this!

I’ve been home sick for two days. Didn’t go to work today. Tomorrow I’m also going to stay home. Resting and having some good food is really helping me feel better! I’ve been preparing more food, more salads and other healthier foods which has been great! I was reading an email I received listing the best Cancer fighting foods. I also attended a webinar at work on the same topic. Don’t think I listed them here but will list both in my next post.

It’s Thursday my favourite tv night. Yes I watch way more tv now haha. Being home for almost a year there was not a whole lot I could do. “Scandal” has gone down on my list and “How to get away with murder” is up! Love that show!! Not what I expected at all.

Hope everyone is doing well! XO

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