Got Milk?

Wow I haven’t written in awhile! It’s been a chaotic couple of months. I moved into my new place in mid July but actually hadn’t started sleeping there until the beginning of August. It feels soooo great to be in my own bed again!! My parents are 5 minutes away as I am still recovering, the major after affect being fatigue. I’m also in a rehab program that I started the same week I went back to work (beginning of July). It’s an exercise based program with an education component specifically for women who have gone through breast cancer treatment! It’s amazing and I’m loving it!! Will write more about it in a later post. Lastly, I got a letter from my doctor to extend my current work schedule for another 6-8 weeks. Right now I’m working 2 days a week, 6 hours a day with an hour commute each way. That’s all I can handle right now with everything else.

I’ve made changes in my lifestyle, a big one being my nutrition and eating. In my post about eating well after breast cancer I mentioned having low fat milk/dairy. The dietician at the hospital never explained why but I did find an article that made sense to me. I’ve been drinking almond milk for several years but I found this interesting and am always looking for info on food and nutrition especially as it relates to cancer. The article basically says milk comes from pregnant cows and the estrogen hormones in milk/dairy are mainly concentrated in the fat content. It also talks about a study they did where women who had a high fat dairy diet did not do as well in the long term. This is probably because most women have an ER (estrogen receptor) positive tumour. Hence why we are given tamoxifen or other hormone blocking drugs after treatment is over. The link is posted below so that you can read and draw your own conclusion. I’m not telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do BUT if I have information that may be useful then I want to share.

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