Be Your Own Beautiful!

I haven’t bought any new clothes since last summer. Of course it was because I was dealing with breast cancer and going through treatment. I barely had a life so who cares what I wore. Comfort was most important and when you have no eyebrows or eyelashes and feel like hell, you really don’t care what your outfit looks like. Although I have friends that would say I still looked quite stylish during chemo haha.

Now that I’m slowly on my way back I’ve been putting more effort into my attire. I even did my nails last week and got a pedicure the week before. Pampering yourself definitely makes you feel better!

Today I had a few errands to do along with an appointment at the hospital. It was an appointment with the social worker to assess how I’m doing overall. She also provided tons of information on different workshops, programs and info sessions. Was very helpful. I went casual, comfy and cute! So I put on a pear of black leggings with a striped loose fitting top and a short trench with a hood. Oh and can’t forget the Hunters (the boots). Yes there was some rain this afternoon. Now remember none of these items are new but they’re fun and still work. Right now my style is fun and comfortable. I’ll transition back into heels soon 😉

The first pic is what I looked like last August when I was diagnosed. Wow! I look like I’ve aged in these last 10 months!! That’s what happens when:
ME pre-cancer +7 pounds – eyelashes – eyebrows – hair – left breast = ME now after breast cancer
Oh well. Being healthy and alive is the focus, not being perfect. Which we should never aspire to anyways. Imperfections make us interesting and individuals. I read a quote earlier today … BE YOUR OWN BEAUTIFUL! Love it!



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