… Made with Love. Part 1

Lori who I mentioned before is now also done her treatment!!! Yayyy! She’s the one who sent me the adorable pink sock monkey that she made. It made me smile. So sweet and thoughtful. Other people gave me cards, flowers and thoughtful gifts. All of those things meant a lot, but it was really nice when people who came to see me … as long as I was up to it. The cards had a lot of uplifting words and all of it helped. Especially during the months I barely cracked a smile.


I had also been making something for her, just took me awhile since I couldn’t start until I had somewhat recovered from surgery and the never ending cold I had for a month! Anyhow it’s done and I sent it today as a ‘congratulations you’re done treatment’ gift! I hope she likes it. We shared our journeys with each other and coincidentally the timelines were close. Was nice having someone to share with who understood and was positive and supportive as well. And simply just asked how I was feeling throughout.

Makeup bag with goodies in it! It’s my design and I truly enjoyed making it!! … Made with Love.



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