Keep moving

Today was another day at the hospital. My ct scan as a final check. I’m praying that all comes out clean. Exhale. Thinking positive and I will know the results next week Monday. This is gonna be a long week. Oh and my right arm inner elbow veins are bruised and scarred and have been since October. They just never get a chance to heal so today’s needle for the contrast dye hurt! And I cannot use my other arm because of the lymph nodes having been removed. Not to mention that I cannot get my cuticles done on my left hand either but I’m gonna double check that one. Lymphedema is a pain but oh well, as long as I’m living I can live with the minor inconveniences. Moving on …

After my ct I attended an info session run by my oncologist. I walked in a bit late and caught the end of my oncologists presentation. She was speaking about brain fog which is very real! I have blanks in my short term memory and difficulty focusing. I’m just not as quick and sharp as I was before. She did say that it gets better but can take a few years. She gave me a hug after she was done speaking which was very nice! I’m going to another info session later on specifically on chemo brain fog, maybe they’ll give pointers and more detail on how to help recover quicker. After that segment we moved onto exercise and how to incorporate it daily and why it’s important. We also then did 20 minutes of stretching and moving. It was great!!

Again I forgot my notebook to take notes. Blame it on the chemo brain fog! Below is what I remember but what I also know having taken a personal training course a few years back.


1. Will help to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight since it’s very easy to gain weight during treatment.
Studies say that a healthy body weight can reduce the risk of recurrence (and my surgeon mentioned this as well).

2. Helps reduce fatigue and increase energy. Helps with sleep as well, however if you are having difficulty sleeping exercise earlier in the day.
The fatigue is horrible but it’s part of treatment and recovery. My energy level is slightly better than before but I’m still tired a lot of the time. Can’t wait to have more energy!

3. Reduces stiffness and/or joint pain.
This can easily happen while going through treatment since a lot of time can potentially be spent sitting or lying down.

4. Boosts self esteem and improves self image.
Look good feel better! That’s the name of one of the programs at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. During cancer treatment with losing your hair and maybe a breast or two it’s close to impossible to not have your self image affected.

Note on serving size:
I recently wrote a post on eating well after cancer and wanted to clarify what a serving size is for fruits and vegetables.
1/2 cup chopped fruits/veggies = 1 serving
1 cup of leafy greens = 1 serving

I’m going to do 20 minutes of stretching and moving everyday. My surgeon told me that I’d have to always stretch otherwise the muscles on my mastectomy side will easily tighten up. I have almost 100% range of motion back on my left side but it still feels tight. Regardless, I’m happy that my arm feels close to normal again!

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