Sharing stories

I woke up late again as usual but not a big deal, did t have to be anywhere until 2:45pm. So ate breakfast and got ready, sans wig but eyelashes and makeup. Wore a cute outfit and felt pretty good. I was just taking my car to the dealership for my first service appt, which was free! Got there and the girl at the reception desk remembered me. When she asked how I’m liking the car I told her I loved it and proceeded to tell her that I had just started driving again recently due to surgery/breast cancer treatment. She said I looked great and asked how I was doing. I’m a survivor? What does that mean? I made it through the treatment (chemo, surgery and radiation) which is hell OR that I survived a potentially fatal diagnosis. I say both!!

I then went to sit down in the lounge area after going to the service area and leaving my keys. I realized I hadn’t brought my iPad or my book to read. My memory is totally off half the time and I have many blonde moments … I blame the chemo 😉 . While sitting down this older gentlemen kept looking at me and a salesperson kept walking and smiling. Didn’t think anything of it but later the sales guy came and sat down. Offered me some cookies … Chocolate oatmeal they were sooo good! I’m allowed to splurge every now and then. Anyhow me and this gentleman started talking and it turns out that he had a brain tumour two and a half years ago and is now doing well. Its funny how once you start sharing with people you find out how many people had some sort of cancer. It’s crazy! We had a lovely talk, he told me I looked beautiful and thought my super short barely there hair was my style :). He also told me that if I wanted to talk I could call him and no he wasn’t trying to hit on me. I won’t be calling him but that was nice.

I still have to call the barista from Starbucks who shared with me as well.

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