Eating well after breast cancer

I walked into the room 5 minutes late. The slide show had already started and everyone else was already seated and taking notes. Taking notes?? I just assumed they would give handouts. Oh well, we’ll see how much I can remember. The dietician is talking about servings of fruits and veggies per day, she then starts going over whole grains, proteins etc. Overall it was pretty good. It was the info session on eating well after cancer at the hospital, that I mentioned previously.

Here’s what I learned:

1) have 4 servings of vegetables – have a variety of colourful vegetables like spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, etc with the exception of white veggies like onion, cauliflower, etc. those are good for you and have other nutrients

2) 2 servings of fruit – again a variety of colourful fruits which includes berries

3) less red meat and keep having chicken and fish

4) more brown grains – flour, bread, rice (less white)

5) instead of buying fruits that are out of season and have to make the trip being flown here, buy frozen as they’re picked and frozen ripe

6) juicing separates the fruit or vegetable so it loses some of it’s nutrients. putting the fruits or vegetables in a blender is better.
Good thing I bought my Blendtec blender, I love it!!

7) have low fat milk like skim or 1%. that goes for yogurt as well, low or no fat

8) almond milk is great but has less protein than regular milk so make sure you get your protein from other sources if you have almond or rice milk

9) have more good fats like olive oil (salads) along with avocado, nuts and seeds. flax seeds also being a good source of omega 3.

10) last but not least, cut down the alcohol. no more than 1 drink per day with a maximum of 3 drinks for the week. if you haven’t had anything all week you still shouldn’t have more than 2 in one day.

The above is from one of the dieticians at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

She also stated that it’s important to keep yourself at a healthy weight along with some exercise, whatever is manageable. All of this is supposed to reduce the chance of recurrence by 1/3. (My surgeon mentioned the point about weight as well recently. It was from a recent study that he read).

I knew most of the above already but it was good to have it reconfirmed.
I made some yummy smoothies which I will share later. Happy healthy eating!

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