Some sense of normal

I now have 2 weeks of radiation left … It can’t come too soon. My skin is noticeably darker now, like a partial tan. There’s a certain area which is sensitive but it’s not too bad. Going downtown to the hospital everyday is exhausting. Also, chemo fatigue can last for months afterwards. I’m also having numbness and tingling in my thumb, index, and middle finger every morning. It then goes away after an hour or so. What is that about?! Chemo side effect 3 months after chemo has ended. The gift that keeps on giving.

Another loft came up so we went to look at it today. I fell in love! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! The bedroom has 2 walk in closets. They’re his and hers but will be hers and hers :). The closets also have built in shelving, space for my clothes and shoes! The closet downstairs also has racks for my shoes. This place was made for me!!! Then the huge 2 storey wall which is all windows is beautiful. Thinking of living there makes me smile. Being in my own space will make me feel somewhat normal again. I will probably transition over from my moms place and decorate and keep my mind busy. It will also be a fresh new start. I’m excited and hoping that my offer is accepted. We will know soon enough. Stay tuned …

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