I feel like I’m working again … So happy it’s Friday!! Wooo! Radiation is Monday to Friday for 5 weeks. And I have a half hour drive to the hospital, sometimes longer with traffic. There’s additional fatigue from the radiation itself. It’s all exhausting but will be done in 3 weeks!

Today was day 11 and my skin is pink and sometimes looks a tad darker then my normal skin colour. The good thing is I’m not in any pain. I’ve been using pure aloe with baby aveeno on top. Seems to be soothing and working well so far.

Emotionally I’m feeling a lot better than before. Maybe because the end of treatment is near, maybe because my eyebrows/eyelashes are coming back so I look a little more normal again. Oh and the hair on my head is growing but it’s soft and fuzzy.

My only worry is that my ct scan come out clean next time. Prior to radiation there were still some cancer cells in my mammary node, which was inoperable. Chemo and radiation is supposed to get rid of it. It was pretty small and chemo reduced it but it was still in existence. Why can’t they all just die! Leave me alone, get out of my body, my life and stay out! I had a nightmare last night that the radiation didn’t get rid of all the remaining cells. I guess in the back of my mind I have that fear. I must think positive and know that as my dr told me the radiation will get rid of it.

Oh I’m sleeping better and not crying as much. Actually much less. 🙂

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