Radiation day 6

I’ve had 6 days of radiation and so far so good. The colour of my radiated skin has a slight pink tone but there’s no burning or pain. I’ve been using pure aloe and aveeno baby moisturizer. I’ve been told that the side effects (fatigue, burning) get worse as the radiation progresses … So we will see how I am next week.

I think I’ve also decided on the condo I want. Will put in an offer on Tuesday and see what happens. It’s a loft and I love it! It will be nice to be in a new space after all this. Moving and decorating my new place will keep me occupied. A fresh start will help me stay positive and happy. Just like my new car. I’m loving it!!

Had a good weekend. Met with a friend for lunch which was very nice. He’s been supportive through everything. Including the break up back in July. I really appreciate that. I still can’t believe that one of my girlfriends who I thought was a good friend has completely not been there for me at all. Completely unsupportive. I’m trying not to think about it but I can’t believe that she turned out to be one of those people that really doesn’t care. Very disappointing.
Today went to my brothers place for late lunch. Was fun. After coming home I was exhausted. It’s like I can only do so much in one day. BUT this is definitely better than before.

I also feel ready to tell a few girlfriends that I didn’t share this with. Well ready being after radiation is done and I know everything is ok. I guess I need to share once I know it’s something I can say I went through but I survived. These friends mean well but I know they’ll have several questions. I will have to just tell them no questions and that I’ll share more when I’m ready. It’s exhausting and I’m still sensitive so certain things may make me emotional which I don’t want. I spent months crying every single day. I’m finally feeling better and not crying as much. I’d like to keep it that way.

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