I’ve been addicted to Starbucks for years. Their chai latte … it’s actually the no water tazo chai latte with non fat milk, switched from soy. I recently switched to their green tea latte. Both are delicious!! Since my diagnosis I’ve completely cut down my caffeine and rarely have any tea. Sometimes green tea with minimal caffeine. Going to Starbucks became my morning routine at work usually 3-4 times a week. So of course you see the same people and the staff knows you by name, this includes knowing your order. Wow they know the names and orders of most of their regulars. As I now go to radiation every weekday, we drive past my work neighbourhood on our way. Part of me misses being downtown and seeing all the faces I’d see everyday. Ok there are a few I don’t miss lol. Yesterday I decided I wanted to stop at Starbucks which I hadn’t had in a couple of months. We stopped at the one I used to go to near work. I saw one person working there I knew. It was 11:45am so I had missed the morning rush. Thank god, as I wasn’t ready to see too many people I knew. Anyhow the Starbucks barista asked where I’d been and I told her. She asked for my number and said she was gonna call me. And she did. It turned out she had gone through cancer treatment not too long ago. I didn’t talk to her too long and had to call her back. Which I haven’t done yet since I’ve been so damn exhausted. I am going to definitely call her back. She’s very sweet and I’m looking forward to hearing her story and just sharing. She always seems happy and bubbly.

It’s great to talk to my friends but it’s just different talking to someone who has been in your shoes.

I feel like I was meant to go into that Starbucks that day.

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