Radiation day 1

I have my first radiation therapy session today. I’m a little nervous but nowhere near as scared as I was before chemo or surgery. I do however have to hold my breath for 20 seconds to move the heart as far away from my chest wall as possible. They’ve tested my breathing etc so I’m ok with the 20 secs. Can actually hold my breath for a minute without too much discomfort. The only thing is my throat got dry as my nose is clipped and I can only breath through my mouth during this whole ordeal. Have to remember to have some water prior to.

The radiation oncologist said that he found that natural aloe with baby aveeno on top seems to be the best thing. Anything I use has to be water based. I also read not to take long hot showers as it dries the skin. That sucks since it’s still winter! Would someone in a warmer climate fare better with this? I’m thinking maybe …

I’ve started to feel a little better so I’m not looking forward to feeling worse again … Whatever that worse may be. More fatigue and sunburn-like skin? If that’s all it is I’ll survive. I’ve already gone through worse. 5 more weeks and treatment is done!!! Yes more surgery afterwards but no urgency so I can do that when I feel ready. Of course I don’t want to wait too long to do reconstruction but I need a short break from all this.

Now gotta go eat shower and get ready for radiation …

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