Mmmm … Smells Good

I’ve always had trouble sleeping even before having breast cancer. My brain is always in overdrive so I tried to find different ways to help me relax. One of the things that works for me is to use body oil with a relaxing scent. I love the chamomile and lavender body oil from bath and body works. I also recently bought the eucalyptus spearmint pillow mist as well. All of it just relaxes me instantly when I smell it. Mmmmm sigh smile. Just smelled my hands 🙂 I also have their orange scented candle which is for energizing. I love it but cannot light it at night. Haha. These are all from their aromatherapy line.

The other thing I used to do was to look at a picture of the beach with the ocean, sand and some trees. I had it posted on the wall at work. When I looked at it I felt myself relax right away. Funny how that happens. This was a previous role I was in. I’m going to find a picture for my bedroom wall.

I am sleeping better and hopefully will continue to, since sleep is an important part of recovery. Although these hot flashes are not helping! I’ll be fine and then all of a sudden I’m so hot I feel like stripping. I usually have to take the top layer of clothing off until I cool down. Ugh.

I also drove to my condo this evening to get my mail and some other stuff. First time I drove downtown in months!! Yayyy! Wasn’t as tired today. Getting out of the house made me feel somewhat normal again. I also went out yesterday to do some errands including buying some shampoo. I use Invati by Aveda which has been working great for my bald head, which now has lots of very short hairs. It’s meant to exfoliate the scalp and isn’t drying, which is great since it’s super cold here!!

Going to bed now with my lovely smelling pillow.

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