Taking things for granted … No more

I had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday. She gave me a prescription for tamoxifen, which is a hormone blocker. This will stop the estrogen and I guess put me into early menopause. I think I stay on this for 5 years. Ugh that’s a long time but it is what it is. The tumour was very estrogen and progesterone positive, hence stopping the estrogen. Does this mean brittle bones, hot flashes and whatever else comes with menopause and after??? This really is the never ending story. Now I have to figure out what to do to prevent bone density loss. Calcium and exercise is what I know off hand.

I just turned 43. I never imagined this. Then again no one does. You never think that “IT” will happen to you. Whatever that “IT” may be. Bad car accident, no children, cancer … We never think about it happening to us until it does. Now it is me, it’s happened to me. After 6 months of treatment I’m thankful to be alive, thankful that I’m able to drive my car with no pain, that I can take a shower myself and don’t need a sponge bath, and thankful that things are not worse. I’m thankful that I have my mother to take care of me (even though we have our arguments), I’m so grateful that financially I’m fine and have a secure job no matter how long I’m off during this time. I’m also really glad that I’m Canadian and don’t have to worry about health insurance and paying anything. I cannot imagine that at this time. I don’t have to think about whether my insurance will approve reconstruction (which is what I’ve read happens in the US). I’ll be having reconstruction at some point and it’s all part of my treatment plan and I don’t pay a penny. I know the costs vary depending on your health insurance plan but a friends father had cancer and had to shell out $30K. Now I’m not completely clear about the American healthcare system but no one should have to pay anything while they’re going through cancer treatment. Having to have one other thing to think about is just adding more stress, not to mention the financial stress if you cannot afford the cost.

Anyhow, the American healthcare system is a whole other topic for another post. I’m just glad that I’m here and not there. I’m trying not to take anything for granted anymore, down to the little things. All of it should be appreciated and seen as a blessing.

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