Hair fuzz

It’s been 7 weeks since my last chemo cycle. I have lots of fuzz on my head. Also very short little hairs and stubble. I’m going to shave it off again … I don’t want any of the fuzz that grew during chemo. There’s also some bikini area little hairs. That hair can take as long as it wants to come back! My legs are still smooth though along with my underarms. As for my eyebrows and lashes, still sparse and a few lashes on each eye. I do however see tiny little hairs coming out. They’ll probably take awhile to grow back but as long as they grow back I’m happy. I’ve been filling in my brows and wearing false lashes every now and then. Good thing I’m a part time makeup artist! Even still, putting false lashes on myself is not that easy. It takes me a few times to get them on properly. BUT when it’s all done they look great! It’s weird I’ve gotten so used to seeing my face hairless that when the brows, lashes and makeup are done I think … wow is that what I used to look like?! Thank god for false lashes! 🙂

My throat is finally a little better. Really want this cold to go away. A month?! Really?!

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