Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday yesterday. I’m 43 wow!! Can’t believe it. I pray that this year is better than the last which was probably one of the worst.

I usually want to do something big with lots of people or a trip (which doesn’t always happen). This year my parents and brother took me out for dinner and then came home to a surprise cake. It was all lovely. Then I woke up and there was a present outside my door. Shabil the younger of my two younger brothers had gotten me a gift. It was totally unexpected. It was a very thoughtful gift and I loved it! It was a huge book on Oprah and her show through the years and a big silver letter Q. Just showed me he put a lot of thought into the gift which made me cry. Good thing he was not around to see haha.

I still feel like I’m young. Age is just a number. I still have a lot I want to do and I hope that this really is only the first half of my life. I’m feeling better than I did a week ago. I hope things continue that way.

Tomorrow will be better than today
I’m thankful to be alive
I will be so grateful for each birthday to come
I hope to see seventy maybe even eight-five.

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