Happy New Year 2014!!

I am so glad 2013 is over … It really was one of the worst years of my life. While I still have scans bloodwork and radiation left, at least surgery and chemo are over. Oh and I still have breast reconstruction left but that isn’t imminent. Will probably take a trip somewhere and then come back and do the breast implants.

There are a lot of things that this past year has taught me …
Not to take your family and true friends for granted. They’re the ones who’ve been there through this. The people that have not been there for me during cancer don’t need to be there when I’m cancer free and past this. Learn to appreciate everyday and make the most of it. Smile and be kind to people. Be thankful for all that you have especially your health. Never let anyone treat you in any way that is not OK for you. Always trust your intuition. There’s a reason your inner voice is talking to you.

Another one of my moms friends came over to see me. She has known me since I was 5 but I rarely see her. She was very sweet and loving. The one thing that bugs me that people do is tell you that had some stomach issue or something else that isn’t life threatening. She said some things like that and was telling me that everyone has ups and downs. This is a little more than a regular up and down. I know she meant well and was trying to get me to stay positive and saying I’ll get through this. BUT comparing other situations that are not the same doesn’t help. So the other thing on my list if someone says something like that again is to let them know it’s not the same unless it’s the same.

Again this reminds me that my moms friends have come to see me more than my own friends. Even one of my aunts friends stopped by with my aunt to see me. Yet my so called “friends” make such little effort. As I said above if you cannot be here during cancer then I don’t need you later on.

Day 1 is page 1 of a new 365 page book. Make it what you want. 2014!!!

The one happy thing I’m going to do to tomorrow is do my nails. They are horrendous right now which is not my normal. I always had painted nails with nail art half the time. I’ll just start with making them pretty tomorrow, save the nail art for later.

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