#6 last chemo cycle! Or not?

Today was chemo number 6 my last one. I was happy today after days of being depressed. Only to find out that after surgery my oncologist may want to give me more chemo!? Because I’m responding well and the internal mammary node is not being removed. That is treated with chemo and radiation because of the location. Once I have the MRI I guess we will have a better idea of where things stand. She does then want another CT scan in Jan at some point after surgery. My oncologist was very sweet today … I think because I started crying. She actually hugged me which I totally didn’t expect! She also gave me some drugs to help with the depression Lol. A mild dosage so we will see what happens.

Oh and surgery has also changed. My oncologist doesn’t want to wait 6 weeks. So tmo I have an appt with the surgeon doing the mastectomy. This is getting difficult. I think I need to see a counsellor. I did talk to someone in house and also got referred to one of the hospital psychologists/psychiatrists. No I’m not crazy just dealing with breast cancer which isn’t stage 1!!! Also dealing with a few other things that just added to all this craziness. Ugh!

On a happy note a friend of mine (CT) came to the hospital to see me. Very sweet of her. LOVE
It seems to me that it’s the people who you least expect that seem to be there for you more. I guess in times like these people show you who they really are. She brought me a lovely card and a book. Thank you sweetheart, it was really nice to see you. XOXO

Will update on my appt and surgery rescheduling/details after tomorrow.

Drugged and exhausted. Time to meditate and go to bed.

I need a vacation so bad!!!

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