Crying. Good or bad?

Today was just one of this days where I could not stop crying. It wasn’t just one thing, it was everything sort of overwhelming me at once. When I finally stopped crying I felt ok and a bit more relaxed (or maybe it was the adivan haha). No but seriously I think crying is a good release of all the emotions that may be going on. I decided to see if I could find the benefits to crying …

There are a number of things I found. One of which was that the body releases toxins that build up during stress. That sounds great! Also that you’re forced to breathe deeply when you cry which lowers the stress hormone cortisol and lowers anxiety. I think we all need to meditate and do yoga which promotes the deep slow breathing. Lastly it usually just helps us feel better because we are releasing our emotions. There were other technical things I was going to add but I’m too tired but I think we get the gist. It’s healthy to cry. Of course you don’t want to feel sad and be crying all the time but right now I do cry almost everyday and generally I feel better afterwards. It’s a little exhausting but all of this is exhausting. It’s hard for my family to see me cry but hopefully they can see that it’s something I just need to do when I feel like it.

Since I no longer have a gym membership right now I’m going to see if I can do some yoga at home. At least for this week while I feel ok.

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