I have to keep reminding myself that in 6 months this will all be done and my life can start to normalize. For now I have to stay focussed on the positives. There are always going to negatives but those have to not be paid attention to. Like my friends … I’m disappointed with a couple. One friend just never called me at all. Which is fine but I thought she was a close friend so expected at least an initial phone call to see how I’m doing. After that just every so often is fine. Even my moms close friends have called and come to see me. Maybe I just don’t have too many great friends … Well I guess this will really tell me who is a good friend and who is more of an acquaintance.

I’ve also decided not to have expectations of anyone. Only my family (including extended family) and maybe a couple of people that I know I can depend on. I am so very grateful for my family and those few other people.

I’m going to take a long overdue vacation once my treatment is done. Actually I’ll probably take a couple of vacations … Something to look forward to while going through all of this.

Things to get this week:

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