Diet and exercise

I’ve been doing a lot of reading because it’s hard to understand why some people get sick and others don’t (unless it’s genetic). No breast cancer in my family other than grandmother who had ovarian cancer in her mid 60s. So I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what’s happening. It still feels surreal at times. Trying not to read anymore stats as they are a general statistic on a whole without including all the variables that would break it down into subsets. Each person is an individual and has unique variables. The statistics can give you a general idea of the what the case may be for that group on average. I’m trying to keep in mind that, that is exactly what it is. So is it just bad luck or more than that?

While I cannot control everything there are certain things that I can control … Diet, stress, and exercise. Yes these things do play a part, I truly believe that. They may not control 100% of what happens but if they can increase my chances then I’m going to do whatever I need to do. The one thing I keep reading over and over that I know I didn’t do was to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Something I did not do for several years (if not more). That’s now changed.
I’ve always exercised and the last couple of years it just wasn’t happening. That will change again once I’ve recovered from this.
Last but not least STRESS. It has been a major factor for me. And when I am stressed I eat less and exercise less. Which is definitely a bad combo. Stress, lack of sleep, and sugar (refined) all affect our immune system. The immune system needs to be strong to fight things off. I’m not going to get into the detail of how this all works until I do more research but these are my thoughts.

I think everything is connected … I actually know of someone who apparently healed her cancer through natural means. Now I don’t know if that’s post surgery and what stage she was at but I’m going to talk to her and find out. And no this does not mean that I’m going to forego surgery and radiation. I’m still doing all of that. I just think that these things can help me post treatment.

PS. DAY 2 after this cycle and so far so good. Last time pain started day 3 so we will see what happens. Hopefully I will be fine this time. Praying, thinking positive and keeping my fingers crossed.

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