Alternative medicine???

I told a friend of mine recently about my health and she told me that her aunt had breast cancer 4 years ago and did no surgery/chemo/radiation. She opted for alternative medicine and the tumor went away and she’s been cancer free for 4 years. I didn’t ask her yet but I’m assuming it was stage 1 so she caught it a bit earlier. She also changed her diet and did whatever she needed to do to detox her body. She emailed me and shared her story and also gave me her number if I wanted to speak to her further. She is going to send me some reading materials so that I can get more information. It was good to speak to someone I actually know who had this work for her instead of just reading stories on the internet. Very thankful that she emailed me so quickly and shared with me.

Now in my situation this does not mean that I will not finish my treatment. Still going to have surgery after chemo. I just want to do whatever I can for future prevention. So if this worked for her then I’m going to look into it for after my current treatment is done.

Another friend also told me about a friend of his who had oesophageal cancer and his prognosis wasn’t good. Apparently he was in really bad shape. He didn’t use alternative medicine but he did change his diet and has been cancer free for 5 years. It’s good to hear positive stories. I think in his situation the treatment worked and changing things afterwards has helped him stay healthy. You never know what will happen and ignoring the stats is best because it can be discouraging.

It just seems crazy to me that the rate of cancer is on the rise but technology and medicine have advanced. I know 2 other women early to mid 40s dealing with breast and stomach cancer and then 2 other friends just dealing with other health issues. One of these friends is using alternative medicine and diet to get better. She stopped her drugs and what she is doing now is helping her slowly get better. So happy that she’s recovering!

Today was day 3 and I had no aches and pains this time. A little muscle tightness, twinges and of course fatigue but so much better than the last time! I still emotionally go up and down because it’s all still scary but I’m trying my best to stay positive. Praying and telling myself that all will be ok.

2 thoughts on “Alternative medicine???

  1. Diet is very important when confronting cancer. The body has a tremendous ability to fight if given the right environment to do so. A diet that leans toward being more alkaline can go along way in giving the body what it needs to fight. I would recommend as many fresh organic, preferably raw if possible, vegetables, seed and nuts. Lots of greens! Plenty of water as well.
    I wish you well.

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