Chemo #5

Had chemo #5 today. Went OK. Hopefully this cycle will be better than the last. She have me neupogen instead of neulasta. The dosage is lower if I take it for 3 days instead of 5 so my white blood could should stay more under control. Just sucks that’s it’s more needles I have to give myself. Oh well. She still seems a little off at times giving me the incorrect dosage of pre-chemo Dexamethasone. It didn’t make much difference but the pharmacist came and talked to me since I started new chemo drug and was really great. She called my oncologist and got the dosage straightened out and gave me a little chart. The pharmacist was really great!!

My parents came back today. Thank god. I feel so much better with them being back in the house. It’s just comforting having someone here and not being alone.

Also told another friend who I spoke to a couple of nights ago and he was wonderful to talk to as well. He’s always been a great friend! Always there for me and I know he’s still there for me no matter what. Offered to take me to chemo etc.
The funny thing is other friends have too and one of these friends is not even someone I am close to. That was so sweet of her.
Sometimes I just need to talk and have that comfort and support. I especially needed that while my parents were away. So to the friends that called me thank you.

1 more chemo cycle to go!!! I’m almost at the end of Part 1. 🙂

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