Trying to stay positive

I’m feeling depressed about not having gone to the doctor sooner. I am trying really hard not to think about it but seem to be struggling right now. Keep telling myself that I’m responding well to treatment and everything will be ok. BUT I’m upset with myself for not having gone to get the lump checked out sooner. I have to stop thinking about that and focus on getting better and staying better. I know I have to stop … Everything will be ok.

It could have been worse. It hasn’t spread so I need to be happy about that and just focus on taking care of myself and getting through this. Dr. Google is terrible. The internet can be horrible when you’re dealing with a health issue.

Talked to a friend today who was very supportive, positive and called me because she knew my parents were gone. I really appreciated that and talking to her helped. We had a falling out last year but I am so glad we are talking again. (Love you!)

So glad my mom is back in 2 days. She’s very positive and comforting.

Ok I have to be a fighter I cannot let the stats scare me or live in fear. The next little while (several months) will be difficult but I will get through this. I do believe that lifestyle (diet, emotional well being, exercise etc) affects us physically and I will make the necessary changes to stay healthy. Yes it even says on that those things help, minus the stress/emotional well being. It talks about diet, exercise, and limiting alcohol to help stay cancer free. It actually said that 1/3 of all cancer deaths are related to diet and activity factors. I still believe that stress affects everything so I do think that stress and emotional well being are factors as well. There just isn’t enough scientific evidence.

I feel a little better reminding myself that I do have some control over things and can help myself stay cancer free.

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