Short Year and a Long Life

First my oncologist did call me Friday night. She apologized for the confusion and bad communication on the part of her admin staff not letting me know that she was available and telling me just wasn’t. Anyhow she talked to me and wanted me to come see her. Told me when she’s at the hospital so I had a better idea of her availability. She also then gave me her cell number if I needed to reach her. She redeemed herself and alleviated the frustration I was feeling. Still not happy with how her staff handled things but she will hopefully deal with that.

My parents being in India and me having to cancel my trip has given me too much alone time. My mind was going to negative places so I started trying to find inspirational survivor stories (that were on a similar level to what I’m going through). Reading those stories helped my brain start to go in a better direction. It’s shocking how common breast cancer is today!

In an article I read, Dr. Carolyn Runowicz says that when you start chemotherapy/ treatment: “you just have to say, ‘this is a year of my life, and it’s going to be a short year and a long life’ “

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