Spoke too soon

It’s 7 days after my last chemo treatment and I am still feeling really crappy. Better than a few days ago but still not too well. I’ve had a fever every night for the past 5 days. Because I was worried I went to the ER 4 days ago. The did bloodwork, urine sample and a chest X-ray.  Everything was fine aside from me being dehydrated, so they kept me there giving me 2 L of fluids via an IV. Ugh. The next couple of days seemed slightly better but not much. The fever kept coming and going but I don’t really have any other symptoms. I stopped taking the codeine 2 days ago as the pain has been better and that drug I think may have been affecting my stomach. I had lost my appetite for days which finally came back last night. I’ve been hungry and eating a little more.

I had a trip to Arizona planned with my cousin and her friend but had to cancel. 😦  Because my parents thought I was gonna be away for 10 days they booked a trip to India. So they left yesterday and will not be back until my next chemo treatment. My brother came over today and will be back later tonight. He and my SIL and the girls will be here so I should be ok until Sunday. My aunt has also been stopping by to help cleanup or bring food.  My other aunt and uncle have offered to let me stay with them. I will figure things out by Monday. I was also supposed to go back to Edmonton after Arizona with my cousin. Right now have no idea what I’m going to do. For now I just want the fever to stop coming back.

This morning I felt ok but after taking a nap my head, neck, shoulder, leg … Most of my left side has been in pain. I also called to see if I could go see my oncologist but she is doing a presentation and not in today. I asked if I could see another oncologist and they said they’re too busy with their own patients and if I need to I should go to emerg. How annoying is that?! Anyways not going back to emerg unless fever is back and won’t go down or there is some new symptom. May not be able to see my oncologist until Monday. I asked if she was in tomorrow but no one has called me back and I need at least a day’s notice since my mom is no longer here to make other arrangements.

Well right on schedule fever is back but it’s low. I will take some Tylenol and go to sleep and see how I am later this evening. Hopefully my oncologist will be in Tmo.

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