Chemo #4 – new drug

So had chemo treatment 4 yesterday. Only one drug this time TAXOTERE. So far it’s been better as the treatment was shorter and I didn’t have the syringe with the red drugs being pushed in manually by the nurse which just feels awful. This was a drip and didn’t feel as bad. Relief! Oh other than keeping my nails/tips of fingers on ice.

Today is the day after and other than being a little tired I was okay. We will see what tomorrow is like … Now on to my vent which I seem to have a lot of lately.


My oncologist wrote me the wrong prescription! The drug was correct but the duration/dosage were slightly off. The nurse pointed this out and then when I saw the other oncologist filling in for mine as she was off that day, he said it was okay and shouldn’t make much difference. Really I was a little extra drugged on Dexamethosone (sp??) anyhow the steroid. This time I had to take it pre chemo, usually it’s after. The pharmacist then said that bc I already had it pre chemo I don’t need it post. When I saw the oncologist filling in I think that’s what he said but I was out of it and can’t remember. To confirm I emailed my oncologist and she replies with “you still have to take it for 2 more days”. I think she forgot that I started the new chemo drug!! I’m really not liking her right now. She seems to be very forgetful. She told me a few weeks ago I could take an extra week in between my chemo cycle (I asked due to my vacation plans). The next time I saw her I wanted to confirm and she said oh no I forgot you haven’t had surgery yet so I’m not comfortable with more than 3 weeks. What the hell is wrong with her!? How do you mix that up!! Good thing I’m still clear enough with my chemo brain fog.
I will be sending her an email to leave the correct prescription for me as I need to get it before I go away on Wednesday. I need to take the drugs 2 days before chemo and I get back the night I need to take the drug. Ugh. Frustrating!!

On a happy note I haven’t really cried in 2 days. YAAAAYYYY!
My aunt from San Fran makes me laugh and at least my mom has some help. Also I’m physically not feeling as bad. When I do it affects me emotionally and I just want to cry. Part of it is just the frustration of being too tired to do anything. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that tomorrow will be good.

PS. I just realized I have a lot of pink clothing and accessories. Lol

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