An in law of my cousins recently connected with me as she is going through the same thing. She just started her chemo last week but is at work this week! Good for her! I’m just off and feel I can’t do anything half the time until the week before chemo but then it starts all over again. She also seems to be in good spirits and has a great attitude. She’s definitely handling things well. I feel like I need to be a Gladiator. Sometimes I feel like it other times I don’t. I’m just so emotional all the time that it wears me out. As far as work is concerned I’ve taken the time off and have great benefits so don’t need to be there … Will definitely take advantage and and am thankful. Although on the flip side life does not feel normal. I just would not be able to focus at work right now. I will have to ask this friend how she does it.

Went to my apt to get clothes, did laundry and need to start packing for my trip. Have errands to do tomorrow … Want to get them done before chemo on wed. Chemo on wed with new drug ugh. I need to be a gladiator. It will be fine I can get through this. I made it through the first three. This will be okay too. One day at a time. In 7 weeks this part will be over. šŸ™‚

Living with my parents has it’s moments. So last couple of days I was feeling quite depressed but fine today. Even helped my aunt workout! Hadn’t worked out or done anything in 3 months so it was a good thing. Need to get back on it.

Oh and I still need a wig. Just have gotten around to getting it yet. Wig shopping Tmo!

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