Just need to vent!

First of all, why is it that when you like a guy and you let him know all of a sudden he backs away. Did you do something? Is there a girlfriend? Did you let him know too soon so the chase is over and he has lost interest?? Can someone please tell me what the hell it is!? Maybe he’s just an immature jerk who likes playing games. Just annoying as hell and at 40 do I really need to be dealing with this crap? NO! I thought those stupid immature game playing days were done. Why I thought that I have no clue. I think I need to keep in. Ind that most men never grow up. Oh well. Moving on to my next vent …

So an aunt and uncle of mine came over to see me. They know that my relationship has ended and know that I’m going through chemo. The aunt as they’re leaving references the fact that the last time they were at my moms was my nikkah ceremony. Ok fine the last time they were here was relevant because of something new my mom had bought that they hadn’t seen. That should have been the end of that but no she decided to make a joke about the nikkah ceremony. Seriously!? My relationship ended 3 months ago and I’m now dealing with breast cancer and your going to joke about that day. I don’t want to even think about that day. The worst part is she kept going and my mom had to grab her hand and stop her! No one was laughing, we were all just staring at each other like what the fk is wrong with her! People can be so thoughtless and insensitive. Did she really think it was funny? What was the purpose of her idiotic joke? I will not be seeing her again for the time being. I can’t deal with any of that crap right now. At least she is not the one related to me. My uncle was very sweet sensitive and supportive. She never even came and asked me how I was feeling, how I’m doing, nothing. Oh well screw her. I’m really very clearly starting to see who people really are … Sadly it’s not all good.

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