Tired of being tired

Today I had more errands to do but after breakfast I went to sleep. When I woke up I had a fever?! For Those that don’t know having a fever during chemo can be dangerous as your immune system is suppressed. Still have a fever but it’s gone down from earlier. Also it didn’t reach the 38 deg C which is the threshold for go to emerg. I leave the house for one day and actually do stuff and the next day I’m sick. SIGH.

That just means I have more to do on the weekend. This is exhausting. I feel overwhelmed and my brain feels like I can’t think straight. Something that would not be stressful seems so stressful … Like packing for my trip. Packing usually is not stressful for me. I’m organized and can pack quickly and efficiently. I will make a list and do the same this time. I’ll be packed and have everything done by Sunday … I hope.

Fever is still there but gone down. I wanted to go look for wigs today. Obviously that didn’t happen.
At least it’s Thursday and I can watch my favourite shows. SCANDAL on at 10pm 😉

… Fever is gone. Whew!

Also my aunt is here from San Fran and my cousins gf knitted me a hat. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her. She wanted to call and say hello but I wasn’t up to talking today. I’ve met her only once but her knitting me something was very kind and sweet of her. Oh and the hat is cute and stylish! Also orange … One of my favourite colours! Although ironically right now I’m the crazy lady in pink lol. All pink stuff I’ve had for awhile. My pink terry robe, pink sleeve on iPad mini (which my other very generous aunt got me after diagnosis), and big pink retro handset for phone. LOL! So lucky for me I like pink as October seems to become pink October.

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