Got out today after days

Woke up extremely exhausted today. Damn this fatigue!!! Oh well. I still ate and got going. Had an appointment with my counsellor. We’re not focused on resolving any one issue at the moment because of the chemo and breast cancer but we still talk about everything. It’s helps. She’s expensive so it better be helping.

Then I went to my condo to drop off condo fees for the next couple of months. There had been a couple of showings in the past week! Which is good 🙂
I had to grab some stuff but still have to go back to pack for my trip. I think I will make a list and do that this weekend.

On the way home I stopped at MAC and bought some makeup. Not much just a gloss and duo bronzer/blush in the Rihanna limited edition line. Will post pics with me wearing it soon. FUN!
Makeup can be so much fun!!!

My aunt from San Fran is visiting right now and my cousins gf knitted me this adorable hat. It’s quite cute. That was very sweet and thoughtful of her to do that for me. My aunty brought me a gold Swarovski necklace. I will wear them both and take a pic. Thank god for the easy iPhone anywhere anytime pictures 🙂

It’s funny how I keep realizing over and over again who cares about me and what I’m going through. There are certain close friends that I still have not told … I’m not really sure why. I guess I’ll tell them when I’m ready. I can’t handle the dramatic reactions which is probably why I haven’t told them. I need calm supportive positive. It makes me feel better.

2 thoughts on “Got out today after days

  1. Thank you for sharing and baring your feelings. I am just starting this chemo journey but already feel a connection to you from reading your blog. It helps to know someone else is feeling the same way. Love it. Keep it up, pinklemon lady!

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