Things I Love …

Yes I sound and feel like a teenage girl. Lol. I love Justin Timberlake right now and want to go see him. Concert in Toronto is feb 13/14. Hmmm maybe I need a valentines day date. Gonna work on that. I’m also waiting for the season premier of Scandal tonight. Kerry Washington always looks fabulous in that cream coat and beige bag.

Also love the skullcandy aviator brown and gold headphones. Would look hot on my bald head!

Want to check out the RiRi Rihanna collection at MAC. I’m a little late though, it came out last Thursday, the day after I had chemo so obviously I couldn’t go.

Clearly I’m feeling better today 🙂 


When someone has cancer you do not say “well either the cancer or the chemo will kill her”. Someone said that about my friend with stomach cancer. She said this because she is using alternative medicine for a different illness. I’m also going through chemo and that is the most insensitive thing someone can say. She thinks that because she is using alternative medicine she knows everything and is right. She does not know what would have happened if my friend did not go through chemo or millions of other women. AND I’m still going through it!! Anyhow who the F@!says something like that!? So just an FYI of what not to say and how to be more sensitive.

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