Lovely elephant necklace

It’s still the first week after chemo where I feel crappy but I actually don’t feel as bad as I did after cycle 2 (I think). Which is weird but good!

I got a couple of emails from work. My boss asking how I’m doing and another coworker also emailed asking and saying that I am in their thoughts and prayers. Which is touching and means a lot. My other coworker Marcela sent me something. It was a get well card with a gift. The gift was a lovely silver big elephant necklace. I thought this was so sweet of her but what I didn’t realize was that it was her necklace that I must have complimented at some point. She sent me her necklace … I was so touched and being so emotional right now of course I was crying. It was such a sweet thoughtful thing for her to do. That necklace will always be treasured.

A couple of my moms friends also came over to see me today and brought a gift basket and flowers also with a very touching card with many kind positive and supportive words. It really is wonderful to know that so many people love and care about me. I guess in these moments you see who really does love you.

Also I had been frustrated with my mom but she has been great! I guess we both needed to adjust to living with each other and what’s happening. She is so positive and has done nothing but take care of me.

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