Day after was actually a happy one

Not a whole lot to write about today. Woke up slightly nauseated but then took a nap and felt way better. Almost a normal day!!

Watched several episodes of Breaking Bad and even talked to a boy I like … Happy distraction lol.

Then came the neulasta shot. I spilled a little, oh well. Giving myself the shot for the second time was not quite as traumatic as the first time Lol. Wish going to chemo would feel less traumatic. It doesn’t. BUT I don’t have to go back for another almost 3 weeks and because physically I feel ok emotionally I feel ok right now.

I’ve even been thinking about what wigs I want! I’ve been rockin my bald head for a few weeks now and I’m totally fine with it. Still want a wig or two for fun. Maybe a big curly hair one, not an afro but big curls and a wavy bob but in Pink! Hair that I’d never actually have. That would be so fun!! Also it’s now fall and having no hair makes you feel very cold!

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