Chemo #3

Woo hoo! I’m halfway there. 3 down 3 to go. I can do this. All will be fine in the end.

Today wasn’t fun. The process is you go on check in then get a blood test and your blood pressure. Then the nurse checks your weight and asks about side effects and how you’re feeling. You then go back and see the oncologist. She asks how you’re doing and then checks you out and measures the tumour manually. This time the lymph node shrunk more significantly. So at least I’m responding and can tell myself this chemo crap is worth it. Then comes the worst part. You go and sit in a chair which does recline and is heated and the nurse puts in the IV which I hate every time. The. The fluid start … Pre-fluids first and then the actual chemo drugs. It all takes about 3 hours and then you’re finally done. My brother Namir came with me again … So happy I had him there 🙂

Felt ok today after coming home, just drowsy. Watched the first few episodes of Breaking Bad. They are replaying from the start until Saturday/Sunday so people like me can catch up. I can actually catch up because I prob won’t be doing anything the next few days. I usually start to feel worse Day 2-6. So yeah!!! I’m excited to catch up on the show that everyone’s been talking about!

I’m also trying to change my karma and energy which I think went from good to bad last fall. I was happy and bubbly before then and 4 months into dating L my energy changed from positive to negative. What the f@&k happened!? Anyhow I need to make an effort to change it back.
Today while I was waiting to go in for chemo I had this older lady come over and tell me I had the most beautiful eyes! She was very sweet. This other woman commented on my boots saying she liked them and then another lady who started talking to me said she thought I was in my mid 20s?! All of that changes your energy or maybe my energy is starting to change so the happy bubbly me is radiating again … Hope so because I really need and want her back. 🙂

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