So sad for my friend

A couple of days ago I was going to see my stylist to trim down the stubble. It was falling out!! As I was getting ready to go someone I recently connected with because we were both dealing with cancer (her’s gastric cancer) texted me. My stylist is the one who connected us. She said her surgeon told her she has 1-2 yrs! What?! I knew her prognosis was not great but to hear that was still unexpected. My heart just sank and I started crying and couldn’t stop. I also thought thank god that’s not me but felt so bad. I couldn’t even imagine. Her and I are the same age and went to the same high school. We weren’t friends back then but I remembered her. It was all just so sad.

I got to my stylist’s place and by then she had told him. I was glad because I still couldn’t stop crying. We sat there and talked for an hour or so. Wondering why this was happening and just thinking about life. So many things we place importance on really don’t matter in the end. We forget to appreciate what we have and what’s important. It happens we are human but I really don’t ever want to have more than brief passing moments where I’m unhappy or unappreciative. Life truly is a gift.

I came home and told my mom. I was just so sad the entire day. I was also reminded that things could be worse and I am so thankful that I’m responding well to my treatment and will (inshallah) be well soon. I felt so sad for her. She’s a fighter and it is only a stat but it’s also a possibility. To me god is the only one who knows how long we each have here. I prayed for her. I’m also thankful for each day that I’m here especially when it’s a good day. Even when I’m 75 I want to remember to be thankful for each day. I want to be happy and appreciate each day. Maybe that’s my lesson in all of this … I don’t know. I am one of those people who believes that things do happen for a reason even though at times that’s hard to Understand since we don’t always know what the reason is.

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